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Monday, June 21, 2010


Kantor lama saya membutuhkan junior programer. Biarpun junior, gaji diatas rata-rata junior programer di Jakarta pada umumnya loh, hehehe...
Mau coba? Silahkan apply berdasarkan informasi berikut:


Job title : Application Developer

General Description of the Job :
Programmers (Information Technology) write, test and maintain computer programs matching with the design approved by supervisor to support company’s business applications.

Primary duties & responsibilities :
1.Converts project specification from supervisor into detailed sequence for coding.
2.Performs routine programming assignments requiring knowledge of established programming procedures and data processing requirements.
3.Maintains and modifies routine programs, makes approved changes by amending flow charts, developing detailed programming logic, and coding changes.
4.Modify and document program code to correct errors or to enhance a program’s capabilities.
5.Writes new program code using prescribed specifications, as appropriate.
6.Evaluates simple interrelationships between programs, eg whether a contemplated change in one part of a program would cause unwanted results in a related part.
7.Analyzes performance of programs and takes action to correct deficiencies based on consultation with users and approval of supervisor.
8.Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
9.Performs proper testing for program code, include: Unit testing, white and black box testing, and integration testing

General Qualification & Requirement :

Education :
Bachelor Degree

Experience :
1 year of directly related experience

Knowledge, Skill, Abilities :
Programming languages : C#, ASP,.NET, Power builder
Database : SQL Server, ODBC
Operating System : Windows, Linux
BI Tools: Cognos, SQL reporting analysis
ERP: Axapta
Good communication skill both written and spoken English
Having an excellent knowledge of class development concept
Knowledge of established programming procedures and programming languages
Knowledge of current technological developments / trends in area of expertise
Knowledge of computer flow charts and of programming logic and codes
Ability to communicate with and interpret the operational requirements of end users.

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